It is a well – known fact that healthcare activities generate various types of hazardous and contagious material. Every facet of healthcare results in the production of biomedical waste which in turn causes health and environmental hazards due to its hazardous and infectious nature. Poor management of health-care waste causes serious diseases in health-care personnel, waste workers, patients and the general public.

Of the waste generated from healthcare establishments, infectious waste generated from diagnosis and treatment of patients, affects other patients, their relatives, friends or visitors and workers in healthcare establishments, if improperly stored or transported inside and outside the establishments. They also affect the general public, the municipal workers and the rag-pickers all of whom come into contact with these wastes, when the wastes are disposed in the open.

The management of healthcare waste is a subject of considerable concern to public health administrators, infection-control specialist, as well as the general public.

Even though the consequences of discarding such waste carelessly have been recognized earlier, it is only recently that method to manage this waste in a scientific manner been initiated in India.


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